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This is a place where demons, elves, were-wolves, and other beings learn to call home.
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 Ravencroft, Belle

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PostSubject: Ravencroft, Belle   Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:11 pm

Forest of Seasons Application

[†††Belle Ravencroft†††]
◊The Entrance◊
“Who are you?” “I’m Canada…”
◊ First Name: Belle
◊Middle Name: Rose
◊Last Name: Ravencroft
◊Gender: Female
◊Age: {17} {{17}}
◊Species: Witch
◊Sexual Orientation:

○The Looks○
“Mr. Kumakichi, what can I do to make them notice me?” “Hm… You should try to look more Canadian!”

○ Hair: Belle's hair is a raven feather black in color, and is always kept in a tight braid down her back to her waist.
○ Eyes: Her eyes are the color of amethist, a dark purple
○ Skin: Belles has pale, alabaster white skin with a clear and flawless complection
○ Height: 5'8"
○Weight: 130
○ Style of Clothing: Belle doesn't really care how she appears on the outside, and usually just dresses on hwo she feels. If she's in a bad mood, she'll just wear t-shirts and sweat pants. If she's her usual bouncy self, she can be seen in light blues and green.
○Miscellaneous: Belle has a tattoo of a heart encased in ice on the small of her back.


†The Powers†
“Germany, I may not be strong, but I’m cute. Please don’t forget about me…”
†Special Ability: Belle is an expert in ice based spells, and has a wide veriety of them to use. However, the more powerful a spell is, the more power is drained from her body. She's usually weary of this, and saves her more powerful spells as finishing moves or a last resort.
†Weapon: Belle has an old spell book that once belong to her late mother. It is written in latin, but Belle can read it fluently since her mother taught her latin from a very early age.
†Element: Ice

□The Facade□
“Um… America? Because we look alike, everyone thinks I’m you. Would you reconsider being the jerk of the world, for my sake?”
□Personality: Belle is a perky, bubbly young woman who likes to enjoy life to it's fullest. She's compasionate, and willing to give to others less fortunate then herself. This can sometimes get her into trouble, but her heart is always in the right place. With new people she's social, and loves to make friends. Alone she's usually practicing her spells, or spending time with Magnolia, her snow leopard companion. She's sweet, but get her mad att you may find yourself trying to thaw out your limbs. Overall, if you don't upset her or anger her, she's the greatest friend to have and a barrel full of fun to be around.
□Likes: Magnolia, meeting new people, anything sweet
□Dislikes: Anything spicy, hot summer days, rude people
□Bad Habit(s): Belle wears glasses, and when she's really bored she chews on the ends of them.

ⱡ The Lineageⱡ
“Would you stop with your hug therapy already?!” “I’ll never understand Catholics…”
ⱡBirthday: 20, May
ⱡParentage: Mother: Penelope (Deceased), Father: Nicholas
ⱡSiblings: Older sister: Lilly
ⱡHistory: Belle was born into a family of powerful and knoweldgable witches and warlocks. From a very young age she went through intense training in order to be great herself. Time passed, and as it passed she became more powerful, and more beautiful, fitting to her name. In the village where she lived, once a child came of age, turned 15, they would see the elder and their recognition as a memeber of the witch society would begin. The elder would look into the soul of the person, and find the animal that they housed there. Then, hey would bring it into a solid form, and the animal would not only be their companion, but it would tell what element they would be.
On Belle's 15th birthday, it was her time to be recognized. Everyone int he room was shocked, to see a snow leopard sitting in front of Belle after it'd been brought to the living world. It was not the animal itself, Belle was a beutiful creature that could be very deadly when provoked, that fit her well. But this meant that she would have ice as a power, and she came from a family of earth users.
Soon after, Belle's mother feel greatly ill, and not even the doctors in the village could save her. Belle's mother died, leaving her second daughter the spell book she heald so dear. A month after her mothers death, Belle left to see the world, and to make her own life outside of the walls she'd come to know as home. Her father could not stop her, and so she left, Magnolia close to her side.
For two years she traveled from place to place, marveling the imginations of people young and old with her abbilities in shows she'd preform in to make a living. Soon after her 17th birthday, she found herself here, and saw a wide open place where people of al different worlds and races came and met. This place excited Belle, and she's decided to stay for the time being.

Inspired by the application of Lost Generations
All rights belong to their respective creators
All quotes are from Hetalia Axis Powers© by Funimation, Studio Deen and Himaruya Hidekaz

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Clover R. Brook
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PostSubject: Re: Ravencroft, Belle   Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:15 pm


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Ravencroft, Belle
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