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 Poetry and songs!

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Cleopatra Reniko

Cleopatra Reniko

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PostSubject: Poetry and songs!   Sat Dec 24, 2011 11:29 am

Post here any poems or things that YOU have written. If it is not your own there will be consequences.


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Cleopatra Reniko

Cleopatra Reniko

Posts : 21
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Join date : 2011-01-29

PostSubject: Some of my stuff.....   Sat Dec 24, 2011 5:03 pm

Ok so i guess i'll post mine first.....WARNING: Some of these may be very depressing to some.....ALSO: Some of these are from what others have told me Creepy so read at your own risk.....

Darkest Hour
I awaken in the darkest
hour of the night.
Howls rip through the air,
Their plight silent to
all but I. The black
nothingness surrounds me as
I cry out for help,
begging to be released
from the madness, but
no one hears...No one
ever hears my cry.
The pain, sorrow, insanity, and
madness overwhelm me in
the darkest hour of the
night. All is quiet
except for the piercing scream
of mine...unheard in
the darkest hour of the
night. Goodnight silent, unhearing
world I wish you luck.

Tears stream down my face
leaving trails as I call out
your name begging you to
stay with me begging you
not to leave me alone in
the dark but you don't turn
around you don't even glance
back at me.....
It's as if you can't hear me
do you even care? Am I of
so little importance to you
that you can turn away and leave
me for the shadows? Now I get
I'll just let the shadows have
me. I won't cry anymore I
won't break. I won't show it I
won't let you see, how much you
hurt me. Never again....
Never again will I be hurt by
you, or let my sadness affect
you my dear. It is mine to
bear and mine alone.

The silent whispers in the
night. They whisper of dark
things. Things I shouldn't be
able to hear but yet
I sit here and listen to them.
The darkness that was unallowed
has now slipped through to
me dimming the once bright
shinning light. The shadows
slowly swallow my light.

No more
No more tears
No more pain
No more will I hide in fear
No more will you hurt me
I'm tired of your games
to me you were wonderful
until I was shown your true form....
Now I sit and wonder why
I stood there and took your Shit
you hurt me and made me cry
No more....
No more will I let this happen
No more will it go on
this is the end
I'm done
with you and with pain
I'm ready to move on
No more....

As the darkness surrounds once more
I'm not scared I welcome it, It is
familiar to me though it shouldn't
be. It should be foreign and
scary and the shadows should terrify
one such as I but yet
They are welcoming like an old
friend from long ago. This time
I welcome the cold black darkness
this time it is home to me.

You came into
my life while I
was sad and broken.
You made me happy
and pieced me back
together, but then you
went and tossed me
aside breaking my heart
once again.

Save me or lose me
Will you come back?
Will you save me?
Will you pull me from the dark?
Or will you leave me here to drown in
my sorrow? The choice is yours, save
me and make us both happy, or let me
drown in sorrow and die while you
sturggle to find someone like I.

What is this feeling that
grips at my soul? The tugging
feeling towards the darkness
is this normal? Is this how I
should be feeling? I don't know
anymore. Things have changed
so much it's hard to tell will
someone tell me if this
feeling is right or wrong or
will you let me suffer in this
new feeling save me

Let you go
I sit here and try to find out why
you hate me and why you suffer so but
all you do is beg me to let you
go.But what am I to do? If I
let go you will leave me and never come
back but if I hold on you will continue
to suffer......
So my dear, I ask you if I let you go
will you stay or will you leave me,
because I don't want to loose you.

Stranded in a world that
has become unnatural to me
I cry out for you
begging you to come back
to me...both of you.
You left me stranded in
this world. A world I
don't seem to fit in
to anymore but no
matter how many times I
cry for you, you don't
answer never will
because your both gone...and
now i'm stranded alone
in this unnatural scary world...

I had a wall around my
heart but it came tumbling down
brick by brick with all the things
you said but then you
used that to your advantage and
ripped my heart apart...
You left me crying and torn
you lied to me and then
went on to you next victim...
you told me what i wanted
to hear, you want to know
what you are to me? You're
a monster, all you do is
go around breaking hearts and ruining
lives, while I sit here and
cry and wonder what I did
to deserve this pain and hurt
while you waltz in to another
girls life to tear her heart apart
like you did to me
you monster.....

Sisters, not by blood but
by soul. They are the same
but different. They are yin and
yang, light and dark and
together they could destroy
our lives, and world but
yet they don't. Is it
because they are weak? Or
maybe powerless? No they are
waiting for the perfect moment
to strike building their strength...
This calm it's just the calm before
the storm. Be careful and
cautious....One sister wears
a wolf the other sister
wears teeth. We must destroy
them before it's too late.

Faces they surround me looking out from the
shadows, watching me. Every where I turn I
see them I try to escape them but
it's no use they are every where. I
close my eyes for a break from them
but I still see them. Haunted looks on
their faces, pain, sorrow, fear and anger.
They open their mouths as if to speak to
me but there is no sound to be
heard. There is now no escape from the
faces and shadows that follow me around. So
someone find me and break this curse.


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PostSubject: Re: Poetry and songs!   Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:14 pm

Wow. Very deep. Some of them flow well but a few seem kinda chunky. Overall very great job though


Can you really resist a face this adorable?
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Cleopatra Reniko

Cleopatra Reniko

Posts : 21
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Join date : 2011-01-29

PostSubject: Re: Poetry and songs!   Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:30 pm

Thank you! When i get upset or sometimes in class i just start writing and this is what i end up with so ya. You are right a few are a bit chunky.


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PostSubject: Re: Poetry and songs!   

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Poetry and songs!
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