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This is a place where demons, elves, were-wolves, and other beings learn to call home.
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 Kit Telavu (Kitsune)

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PostSubject: Kit Telavu (Kitsune)   Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:13 pm

Forest of Seasons Application

[†††Kit Telavu†††]
◊The Entrance◊
“Who are you?” “I’m Canada…”
◊ First Name:Kit
◊Middle Name: Kistune (irony)
◊Last Name:Telavu
◊Age: 18/18
◊Sexual Orientation:Bisexual

○The Looks○
“Mr. Kumakichi, what can I do to make them notice me?” “Hm… You should try to look more Canadian!”

○ Hair: purple hair and loose and long going straight down as if it was straighten.
○ Eyes:Red and innocent looking.
○ Skin: Pale
○ Height:six foot three
○Weight:one hundred and eighty pounds.
○ Style of Clothing:Zilo wears a jacket that fights him perfectly the collar is black but the sleaves and other things matches his skin color. His pants are just a normal pair of blue jeans but they are able to hide his tail. He leaves his ears out because he haes when they are covered by hats. He has a white shirt under his jacket that is about all he wears besides the tennis shoes.
○Miscellaneous: He has a necklace around his neck and has small books he likes to read.


†The Powers†
“Germany, I may not be strong, but I’m cute. Please don’t forget about me…”
†Special Ability: Kits special ability is his inhuman strength. Because of the half fox in him he is able to surpass what people would call normal strength. Because of this he is known as a monster and no one wishes to be around him he grew fine with that because he felt different. His strength isn't strong enough to pick up a two ton building to throw it he just has raw brute strength in him that would surprise people.
†Weapon: A small sword. The sword that Kit carries is about four feet long in all. It has a hand and a half handle which means a foot long and can be wielded with two hands if needed be. The blade itself is three feet long made for sharp critical attacks.
†Element: Light/ { Read “Rules Regarding Elements” for more information}

□The Facade□
“Um… America? Because we look alike, everyone thinks I’m you. Would you reconsider being the jerk of the world, for my sake?”
□Personality: Kit is fairly nice to most people. Though if he doesn't like them or gets a bad aura with them he won't try to help them. Though he is like this he sometimes falls for their acts in a plea of help. He is basically a strong willed person that will stick by his thoughts though he is shy and won't say them aloud. And when he is asked why he did it he will respond. "Because my heart felt as if it was the right thing to do."
□Likes: Books
□Likes: Bitter food
□Likes: Taking care of friends.
□Dislikes: Stuck up people
□Dislikes: sweet foods.
□Bad Habit(s):Is always reading a book when someone is trying to talk to him.

ⱡ The Lineageⱡ
“Would you stop with your hug therapy already?!” “I’ll never understand Catholics…”
ⱡBirthday: 01/01
ⱡParentage: Kiratun father(dead)
Luara Mother(dead)
ⱡSiblings: none
ⱡChildren: none
ⱡHistory: Kit was a boy that was born from a fox father and a human mother he was treated differently from the others. He never really understood why till one day they pointed it out to him. It was because of his fox ears and fox tails. He was always made fun of because of these two minor details about him. Why couldn't people just see he was like them with just different parts. Even though this made him sad he never showed it to anyone of them.

When kit was about five years old his father had been shot. Because a farmer claimed that he was stealing his chickens. Kit knew his father never ate chicken that was in a pin. He knew that he ate wild chicken though and would bring some back for him and his mother. After hearing about the death of his father his mother went into a deep state of depression. Because of this he wasn't so sure that she was ok. After nearly ten years of fighting with his mother saying you should be more like your father and be happy. She passed away from a stroke in front of him. During the funeral he was the only one crying. The others where stating good riddance because she had a half fox and half human son. Over the next three years Kit had distanced himself from everyone not wanting them to worry about him nor did he really think they would he just chose to be alone. He stayed in the house and grew his own garden to feed himself and made him his own little electricity producer from the water near by. A water wheel the humans called it. He had kept himself alive all this time there was no reason he needed anyones help and never will be. This was his choice and how he chooses to live even now days.

Inspired by the application of Lost Generations
All rights belong to their respective creators
All quotes are from Hetalia Axis Powers© by Funimation, Studio Deen and Himaruya Hidekaz
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PostSubject: Re: Kit Telavu (Kitsune)   Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:58 pm

I feel sorry for your character! So sad! Anyway, You're APPROVED!!


"Please, tell me the answer... fate unchangeable?"

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Kit Telavu (Kitsune)
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