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This is a place where demons, elves, were-wolves, and other beings learn to call home.
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 Yasuragi, Sora

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PostSubject: Yasuragi, Sora   Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:45 pm

Forest of Seasons Application

[†††Sora Yasuragi†††]
◊The Entrance◊
“Who are you?” “I’m Canada…”
◊ First Name: Sora
◊Middle Name:-----
◊Last Name: Yasuragi
◊Gender: Female
◊Age: {17} {{17}}
◊Species: Kitsune
◊Sexual Orientation:

○The Looks○
“Mr. Kumakichi, what can I do to make them notice me?” “Hm… You should try to look more Canadian!”

○ Hair: Sora's hair is a firey redish color, most of the time she keeps it up in two pig tails on the sides of her head which go to her shoulder blades. When she lets it down her hair stops to about the middle of her back.
○ Eyes: Her eyes are a dark blueish/grey color that turn red when her ears and tail come out.
○ Skin: Her skin is a soft, peach color with a very fair complextion.
○ Height: 5'10"
○Weight: 128
○ Style of Clothing: Sora is a bit goth, and dresses such. Black with some white and a bit of red suits her just fine or whatever she's comfortable in. Looks don't entirely matter to her.
○Miscellaneous: She has a wolf ying and yang symbol tattoo in the middle of her back.

†The Powers†
“Germany, I may not be strong, but I’m cute. Please don’t forget about me…”
†Special Ability: Sora has the abbility to summon creatures of ice at will. Depending on the size and strength of the creature, it saps some of her strength. The larger the creature the more power is drained from her. These beasts can be used for attacking an enemy, defending an ally or herself, or to just keep her company when she's lonely.
†Weapon: A simple katana passed down to her from her grandfather, to her father, to her. It has no special qualities, it's just plan and simple, steel blade and brass halter.
†Element: Ice

□The Facade□
“Um… America? Because we look alike, everyone thinks I’m you. Would you reconsider being the jerk of the world, for my sake?”
□Personality: At first around new people, she's shy and doesn't have very much to say. But given time, she will open up to you and become a good friend. She's passionate about what she loves and expresses herself very freely when alone. But around others she becomes a bit shy about her talents and abbilities. She's a bit goth, and can be a bit dark at times, but most of the time she's sweet and caring.
In battle she changes, her ferocious and dominant side coming out. She was brought up thinking the failure was not an opption and will go to the limit to be victorious in a fight. She's viratious and crafty, much like her fox side. In the heat of battle her ears and tail may come out and her eyes turn a blood lust red. So watch out.
□Likes: Painting, cooking, dancing
□Dislikes: People who hurt other for their own gain, lightning
□Bad Habit(s): Chewing and/or chasing her tail when it pops out.

ⱡ The Lineageⱡ
“Would you stop with your hug therapy already?!” “I’ll never understand Catholics…”
ⱡBirthday: 23, May
ⱡParentage: Mother: Kisa Yasuragi (Deceased), Father: Matsuharu Yasuragi (living)
ⱡSiblings: Younger twin sisters, Mushi and Kushi (Mushi on left with two pigtails, Kushi or right with pony tail)
ⱡHistory: Sora's life began normal, she had two loving parents and had a lot of friends. Her life was average and everything seemed normal, and the thought of baby siblings made Sora even more excited. But when the twins were born, it'd shake Sora's world more then she knew. Her mother died a few days after having the twins, Sora to this still doesn't know how, but she keeps hearing her father saying something about a disease. Never the less, she loved her baby sisters, and didn't blame them for their mothers death. Time passed, and the three Yasuragi sisters soon adjusted to not having a mother. Sora sort of became the woman of the house, cooking and cleaning and watching after the twins while her father was at work. She was home schooled which made it easier for her to do this.
On the night of her 14th birthday, she was walking home when she saw strange people outside, yelling at her father. As the biggest man stepped forward, Sora's father yelled at her to run. She stayed put, until she saw the stranger punch her father, makign her turn and run in terror.
For almost a year she went from place to place, knowing her father didn't want her to come back home and risk getting hurt like he did. After three years of living in one place then another, she came to this place. The sight of other people just like her was so very comforting, this thought alone made her decide to stay. A few days after arriving, she got a letter, telling her that her father and sisters were just fine, and that she could live where ever she was in peace.

Inspired by the application of Lost Generations
All rights belong to their respective creators
All quotes are from Hetalia Axis Powers© by Funimation, Studio Deen and Himaruya Hidekaz

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Miyu Shimizu
Miyu Shimizu

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PostSubject: Re: Yasuragi, Sora   Tue Mar 15, 2011 6:54 pm

Everything looks good to me. Enjoy your time here ^^

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Yasuragi, Sora
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