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This is a place where demons, elves, were-wolves, and other beings learn to call home.
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 STICKY: Special Attack Template

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Miyu Shimizu
Miyu Shimizu

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PostSubject: STICKY: Special Attack Template   Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:14 pm

Erase anything in {}. If it is in italiacs, don’t erase it unless you are an admin.

[color=blue] Name:[/color] {The name of the attack}

[color=violet]Element:[/color] {Only put this if your attack involves your element. If not, leave this blank}

[color=red]Move Level:[/color] {The level the move can be used at. Level 1 user can’t use a level 4 move. [i]Admins will determine

[color=cyan]Stamina Deduction:[/color] {How much stamina will be deducted. [i] Admins will determine this[/i]}

[color=purple]HP Deduction:[/color] {How much HP will be deducted from the opponent. (Please make this amount reasonable, please.)}

[color=yellow]Description:[/color]{Describe the move. Make it somewhat detailed, but please, don’t have two paragraphs… Also, once these are updated, they cannot be changed, so make sure it is how you want it.}

[color=white]Advantages:[/color] { Two minimum, Four  maximum}

[color=black] Disadvantages[/color] {Three  minimum, four maximum}

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STICKY: Special Attack Template
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