Forest of Secrets

This is a place where demons, elves, were-wolves, and other beings learn to call home.
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Pandora Lockhart

Pandora Lockhart

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PostSubject: Lockhart, Pandora ~ Lockhart, Alexandrukas    Lockhart, Pandora ~ Lockhart, Alexandrukas   Icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2012 5:48 pm

Lockhart, Pandora ~ Lockhart, Alexandrukas   5sdoz
If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore, and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of God which had been shown!

Lockhart, Pandora ~ Lockhart, Alexandrukas   Aradia-1
Lockhart, Pandora ~ Lockhart, Alexandrukas   Equius-1

The Being
He is great who is what he is from Nature, and who never reminds us of others.

Full Name: Pandora L. Lockhart ~ Alexandrukas Lockhart
Middle Name: Lacy
Pseudonym(s): Panda (only her closest friends can call her this) Demon, Lacy, Lockhart, Heart ~ Alex, Dru, Xander, Kas.
Gender: Female ~ Male
Age: 16 {{525}} ~ 16 {{525}}
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual ~ Bisexual
Species: Demon ~ Demon
Occupation(s): Huntress ~ Hunter

The Senses
The lover of nature is he whose inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other; who has retained the spirit of infancy even into the era of manhood.

Physical Appearance: Pandora has long raven black hair that reaches down to her lower back. She has bangs that she will normally brush off to the left side. Her eyes are an emerald green that will change to a crimson red when she gets irritated, angry, sad, or hungry. She stands at a height of 5'4" and is relatively short for her age appearance. She weighs only 130 pounds. She is slightly tan with a smooth complexion. She has a birthmark in the shape of a crescent moon on her left wrist. She has horns on her head that resemble those of the zodiac sign Aries. She wears a black leather choker necklace with an emerald set in silver made to look like her birthmark dangling from it.

Alexnadrukas Has shoulder length raven black hair like his sister. His eyes are a deep sapphire blue and also change to a crimson red when he is angry, irritated, sad or hungry. He is 6'0" making him considerably taller than his sister. He weighs 150 pounds. He, like his sister, is slightly tan with a smooth complexion. He has a birthmark in the shape of a crescent moon on his right wrist. His horns are probably one of the few differences between he and his sister. One of his horns was broken off closer to his head and the other goes up and the tips of it looks like and arrow head. He wears a black leather wrist band with a sapphire in the shape of his birthmark set in silver on it.
Usual Apparel: Pandora will normally be seen wearing black. Black tank tops, black t-shirts, black pants, black shorts, and sometimes even black dresses. On the rare occasion she will be seen wearing other colors such as purple, blue, and green. Normally she will be wearing a Black band t-shirt from one of her favorite bands and a pair of torn black skinny jeans. Also Pandora wears black sunglasses on her head as an accessory.

Alexandrukas will normally be seen wearing black like his sister. He will wear black t-shirts, black jeans, black jackets, black shorts (on a few occasions) black blazers, or sometimes a black dress shirt and slacks. On some occasions he will wear blue, purple or green like his sister does. Normally he is seen wearing a black band t-shirt and black jeans along with a pair of black sunglasses.
Personality: Pandora is generally a quiet girl around people she doesn't know. After a while if she has grown to be comfortable around you and she has gotten to know you she will be a bit more talkative. The closer she gets to people the more she starts to care. The more she cares the easier it is for her to get hurt. This is why she is very quiet and shy at first. The more comfortable she is around people the more hyper and bouncy she becomes. In a large crowd of people she tends to stick with her brother and doesn't talk much unless she knows most of the crowd. At parties unless she knows most everyone she doesn't dance either. In small crowds she is a little less shy and will try to get to know the people in the crowd.

Alexandrukas is the opposite of his sister. He is generally a more social person and therefore has been the one to introduce Pandora to most of the people she knows. He doesn't get hurt easily but it hurts him quite a bit when people hurt his family. He looks after Pandora as if she is his baby sister and it pisses her off but he does it because he loves her and he doesn't like to see her get hurt. He's a very kind and outgoing person and makes friends with just about anyone. In a large crowd he will dance and have fun and just let go. He really seems very carefree but has learned to put on that type of face and watch everything. In smaller crowds he is wary of people but will be kind to them and try to make friends if he doesn't feel them as a threat.

Bad Habits
✿ Fish, steak
✿ Green, Blue
✿ Food (both)
✿ Apples ~ Oranges
✿ Pink ~ Orange
✿ Orange juice (both)
✿ Losing Alex, Losing Pandora
✿ Drowning, falling
✿ Being alone (both)
✿ Nail biting, Lip biting
✿ Talking to yourself, OCD
✿ Cursing (both)

The Effort
There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better for worse as his portion; that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but though his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till.

Weapon: Alexandrukas is the weapon. When needed he is able to shift into the form of a bow that only Pandora is able to use. Pandora also has special arrows for the bow that Alex shifts into but she only has 13 of them. When she runs out she has to go out and find the supplies to make more which could take her days giving her a strong disadvantage. Pandora also shifts into a weapon. She shifts into a dagger that only Alexandrukas can use. How ever he can only use her as a dagger for a day. After that she needs time to recover and that puts Alex at a strong disadvantage for a few days as well. Alex can only shift during the day and Pandora can only shift at night. This is also a disadvantage for them.
Element: Spirit
Special Ability: The twins share the same special ability and that is that they have a mind connection to each other. This is something that helps them keep each other safe. They can communicate no matter the distance. They got this special ability from being science experiments. The downside is that if one twin is hurt the other will feel it and it will take out the both of them. If one of the twins gets knocked unconscious it will temporarily break the connection making them both very vulnerable. If one twin is in a coma for longer than a month the connection will be broken for good and it will kill them both because it is the only thing that keeps them alive.
✿ Each other
✿ Their element
✿ Being well rested
✿ Getting hurt
✿ Their bond
✿ Not getting enough rest

The History
The days come and go like muffled and veiled figures, sent from a distant friendly party; but they say nothing, and if we do not use the gifts they bring, they carry them as silently away.

Date of Birth: May 13
Parentage: Joseph Lockhart - Father: Deceased Jamie Lockhart - Mother: Deceased
Siblings: Identical Twin Brother named Alexandrukas Lockhart
Other Relations: Dr. Fairmont AKA Aunt Lisa: Deceased
History: When Pandora and her twin brother Alexandrukas were only 16 years old their parents were killed in a fire. Their house had burned down while the twins were out at a party one night. They came home to find the house nothing but ashes even the foundation that the house had been built on was gone. There was something wrong with that picture. concrete couldn't burn. There was a strange smell in the air that Pandora noted was sulfur. Their house had been burned down by demons. The was the only explanation that they could come up with. They had learned about their demon heritage just a few weeks ago. Their parents had told them that when they turned sixteen there would be a terrible accident and that they would have to leave town. They weren't expecting this though. They got back in their car and left town.
Two years later:
Pandora and Alexandrukas were out driving when suddenly the wheel spun out of control. The car flew off of the road and did several flips before landing upside down. Both were knocked unconscious. When they awoke it was several hours later in a strange looking room. There were metal bars on the windows and on the small window on the door. The door itself appeared to be made of steel. Alexandrukas was the first to try and move. He found that he couldn't and that his hands were bound. He looked to his sister a look of worry crossing his face. "Panda? Are you alright?" Pandora nodded. "Yeah Dru I'm fine. We got in a car accident though... We were both pretty badly beaten up and now there isn't a single mark on either of us. What happened?" She responded. "I don't know Panda but somethings not right. We're bound to these chairs and we can't move. There are bars on the windows and on the door and the door appears to be made of steel. I have no clue how we got here and I assume we were both knocked unconscious if neither of us remember anything." Alexandrukas said. Just then there was a loud buzz sound and the door clicked open. There was a woman in a white lab coat standing in the door way. "Ah, I see you two have finally woken up." The woman said. Alex looked up at her. "Who are you?" he asked. He didn't have any memory of her. "I am Dr. Fairmont. I found you two in the forest after a car accident that should have killed you. But for some strange reason you two were still alive, so I brought you back here to do some testing. You both woke up during the first test and shortly after you woke up horns had sprouted from your heads. It was certainly a sight to see. I gave you some medication to put you both back to sleep and then resumed my testing. Test results came back and apparently just in time because you are both awake again." Dr. Fairmont had said. Alex looked over at Pandora again and sure enough there were a pair of horns on her head. Pandora looked over and Alex and noticed the same thing. "It seems that the test results have showed demon DNA and not human DNA. This made healing the two of you much much more complicated. What I had to do will kill both of you if it is ever broken. What I had to do was link your minds together. Now you will feel the pain of your sibling as if it was your own. You can communicate in your minds and distance will not matter. If you go unconscious the link is temporarily broken and this will make you sick. If one of you goes into a coma and does not wake up after 31 days the link will be permanently broken and you will both die a few short days after wards. You will be able to tell when the link breaks off for good because it will feel like a sharp pain in your heart and when you feel this pain you will have at the most seven days to live and at the least four. This was the only way I could save the two of you." Dr. Fairmont said gently. She did not want to scare or upset the young demons because she knew that younger demons tempers were much harder to control. Pandora was surprised. "So Dr. Fairmont? You mean to say that as a human you did what you could to save demons? The very species that your race should want to get rid of?" Pandora asked skeptically. The doctor nodded. "You see the reason for my doing this is that your parents were good friends of mine. They had helped me in my research for the past twenty years and they allowed me to do some research on them as well. They were my most trusted friends and associates. When I heard that they had been killed in a fire I had thought that the two of you were dead and the thought of that scared me. You see about thirty years ago I had fallen in love with your father while we were in collage. He was so nice to me and a wonderful friend. We dated for a year. Your mother was my best friend and I had known her for many years before I met your father. She saved my life when I was a child. Your father broke off our relationship after he found out that I had known about demons and that I knew that he was one. He did not want me to get hurt. Eventually he and your mother got together and after collage worked on my research with me. When I heard that they died it broke me and I tried my hardest to find the two of you. I promised your father after you two were born that if anything were to happen to them that I would take care of you. Your mom was like a sister to me. After you two were born they went into hiding and said that when the time came I would have to find you two and find a way to keep you from dying. I swore that I would do what ever it took to help you two when the time came." She said softly. A tear rolled down her cheek as she look up at the twins. Alex and Pandora were both very surprised at this. They didn't know what to say. "So does that mean your Aunt Lisa? The sister our mom always talked about. She said she was her sister but that her and Lisa weren't blood family." Alex said. Dr. Fairmont was taken aback. "She said I was your Aunt? I-I'm honored." She said her voice quivering. Alex and Pandora both nodded. "Well we need to go we've got to get out of here. Especially if our horns have sprouted. We'll endanger everyone in this facility and we might get killed to. We have to find a safe place where we can hide. Thank you, Aunt Lisa, for fixing us up. We really appreciate it but now we have to go. Preferably within the next ten minutes else we risk everyone in this building getting killed. Pandora said. Dr.Fairmont nodded and untied them quickly motioning them out the doors. She handed them two thick envelopes and a set of car keys. "Here these are for you. The car is parked out in front these are the keys to it. Get as far from here as fast as you can. I love you two and so did your parents. Don't ever forget that. Take care now." Dr.Fairmont stated pulling the two teens into a hug. Alex and Pandora hugged the woman back and ran from the building flinging themselves into the car. They drove for hours never tiring.

For about five hundred years Pandora and Alex stayed on the run. Sometimes they could take a break from running for about a year three at most and just relax. After about 90 years people stopped hunting them for a short while but it picked back up again. It always did. They never got a break, that is until they turned 525.
Year 525:
Alex and Pandora had stopped on the side of the road. They got out of the car and walked along the side of the road. They had been in the car for far to long and the trees on the side of the road had caught their interest. They didn't seem like normal trees. Some one stopped on the road behind their car. "Hey kids what are you doing staring out at nothing?" The guy asked them. Pandora and Alex were surprised. The guy had asked why they were looking out at nothing, but there was clearly a forest out there. "Oh well my sister here isn't feeling to great so I had to pull over." Alex said. Just as he began talking Pandora bent over and threw up. Alex turned to her and began rubbing her back. He reached inside the car and grabbed a water bottle handing it to his sister. The guy drove off and once the road was clear the twins grabbed their bags out of the car left the keys and took off into the forest. After about an hour of hiking in the dense forest a few buildings came into view. They kept hiking until they stepped inside the city limits. Instantly there was a sense of safety settling over them. Their horns appeared again no longer hidden. They thought it must have been some kind of safe haven for their kind but at that moment they didn't care. All they cared about was that after over 500 years of running they were finally safe. They could finally stop running and hiding. They had arrived in Forest of Secrets.

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